Aeropod with Fenix 6

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Aeropod with Fenix 6

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So, whole bunch of questions. Used to have an Aeropod, never could get it to work right, but didn’t have a very good area to test and sold it.

I’ve now moved to a different area in which I do have a 10 mile loop with limited traffic and the ability to do the loop without braking. I’d like to do some more aero testing on my road bike (including with clip on aero bars). So, I’ve placed an order for a new Aeropod.

My potential issue is I no longer have a Garmin head unit, and, honestly, I’m not sure if I want one again. I’ve moved over to Hammerhead Karoo 2 and I like it much better (aside from not having an auto lap feature — an incredibly annoying omission).

I do have a Fenix 6 watch, however. Is it practical to use the watch to do the calibration ride and to collect data over that 10-mile loop? Right now I’m more interested in looking at data post-how rather than getting real time feedback, but I’d probably like that eventually.

I’m most interested in wind speed, direction, and, of course, CDA.

Any hope that Hammerhead will integrate the new Aero profile?
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