AeroPod doesn't come on (no LED activity)

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AeroPod doesn't come on (no LED activity)

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Hi, I just received my AeroPod today. After I unpacked it, I started with charging the device, the LED lit up red for a few seconds then started blinking red util the LED switched off after a while. I assume this means it is fully charged.
I used the Isaac for Windows app, created a profile for myself and sent it to the device. This took a little while, no error message and in the end, the 'Device settings sent' message is displayed. So far so good, I think.

After mounting the AeroPod to my bike, I think it is time to switch on the device to start pairing with the sensors, I push the button but the LED stays off. I push/hold the bottom for 4 seconds, still no LED. A hard reset of holding the button for 12 seconds or more has no effect either. It looks like the device doesn't want to come on at all, it doesn't display any LED activity unless charging. After I plug it in the charger again, sometimes it blinks red for a while or doesn't do anything. I guess it is still charged. In Isaac the USB icon shows green so it looks like there is some live in the device. :-)

Could you help me out and get me going? I have a video that I can share with you but the forum doesn't allow MP4 files to be added.
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Re: AeroPod doesn't come on (no LED activity)

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Please email for next steps
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