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new to aeropod

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I have a recently purchased aeropod and a dfpm (assioma pedal). for some reason, despite deleteing the app, and re-installing, according the the instructions on another post on here, my garmin still has dashes instead of real time values for the 4 fields. Power is still showing. I have a garmin 820. is it possible i'm doing something wrong. aeropod is still collecting data and i attach a file based on todays ride, but i'm not sure of the following
a) Have I calibrated properly?
b) the dfpm has wildly different figures than that of the aeropod. am i doing something wrong?
c) how to retrospectively view cda data for this ride.

i'd be grateful if, john, you could have a look and advise.

For this particular ride, i'm riding a roadbike with 23mm tyres on country roads. This is obviously the same bike i calibrated on.
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Re: new to aeropod

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There are several things going on that need to be addressed:

1) Make sure your AP is set to profile 4, where CdA data will be recorded

2) Your calibration is way-off. Do a new calibration ride, then a ride file, which you can post here. Also, please post images of your AP mounted on your handlebars

3) You need to make sure AP is "on" before turning on your Garmin. I wait for the AP to show solid green (on and transmitting data) before I turn on my Garmin

4) Make sure AP is paired to your Garmin. Pairing to Garmin won't be successful unless AP light shows solid green (meaning that AP is on and transmitting power data)

5) If you're still having problems displaying CdA data on your Garmin, delete the CdA screen from your Garmin, then reinstall it.

6) After the ride you can view CdA data in Isaac in the Tools/CdA analysis window. You can also see CdA data in the HR field of the main window. To convert HR readings to CdA, multiply HR by 4 and divide by 1000. For example, a HR reading of 101 translates to a CdA reading of 0.404
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