Completely stuck

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Completely stuck

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I recently bought an aeropod and I'm trying to calibrate it. I use it with a Garmin 1030, speed sensor, cadence sensor and a Stages dual sided powermeter. The pairing of the sensors went fine, it's the calibration where things go wrong.
I've tried it three times so far and every time the lights do something different than it says in the manual. I can get it to start calibrating (I think), but then it doesn't stop at 50. It goes on to 100 and then just shows me the normal watts. Before doing it the third time I set up a new profile, because I thought it might have skipped calibration the second time.
After the third time I got the CdA value to change during the ride, but it didn't make any sense. Also, there's no ride file saved at all, so I can't even show you how it failed. I'm just completely stuck at this point. I have no idea what this thing is doing.

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Re: Completely stuck

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Please email for next steps.
John Hamann

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