Aeropod data not consistent - velodrome environment - Blaine

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Aeropod data not consistent - velodrome environment - Blaine

Post by blainehunt » Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:10 pm

Hi Tom and John

I'm finding the software somewhat hard to use and currently my modeling on excel is consistent and reliable. The results I am seeing in Issac are varying considerably. My testing is all velodrome based.

My stats:
I usually go off of a combined weight bike/rider of 92kg
Crr of 0025 (tubular, vittoria speed controls @200Psi)
wooden velodrome
I have air density measurements for todays session of 1.194 kg/m3

The callibration ride was done on the blue line as per the instructions. front mounted from TT extension.
SRM track power meter
srm speed sensor
(all data was collected by my SRM PC7 ok.

Current issues:

1) unable to get a live CdA output using garmin IQ.
2) unable to get consistent sensible readings as per my own modelling. for the callibration ride I estimate Sda to be 0.23 and during efforts I am consistently measuring 0.2 for todays setup. I have all of my metric entered in to the Isaac software as it should be.

Today I did 1x calibration ride in my TT position to 50 watts, stopped and then did the ride to 100 watts.

Then I did sets of 3 rolling 500m efforts on the black, 3 laps active recovery on the blue out of the TT position between efforts.

Before each effort I clicked the aeropod button to initiate a new ride, I only seem to have picked up 2 of the efforts though. and the files show some of the previous sets data

Is there any chance you can take a look at the files and let me know you thoughts or if theres anything out of the ordinary with my settings please. I have also sent them to you via e-mail with no response. note** I have played with the files quite a bit now.


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Re: Aeropod data not consistent - velodrome environment - Blaine

Post by Velocomp » Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:01 pm

Your problem is the DFPM pairing with SRM.

You are using an SRM Track power meter, but your profile shows "Other" as the DFPM type. It should say "SRM Track".

SRMs are very unusual, and in our view unnecessarily weird, in that the SRM power meter calibration correction is done in the head unit, not in the power sensor.

Because AeroPod shows "Other" for your DFPM type, your SRM is not correctly calibrated in your AeroPod. You'll note that the AeroPod DFPM values are ridiculously small...only 70W!!

Note that your bike computer can show correct SRM watts, even when AeroPod is showing small watts.

In your profile I have fixed the DFPM type by changing your DFPM sensor type to "SRM Track". Load this profile into your AeroPod. Follow the SRM calibration procedure carefully, so that AP gets a good setting for your SRM.

From the looks of your HR signal, I suspect your unit is not set to Profile 4. Make sure your profile setting is #4; if it isn't your Connect IQ app won't work.

Your wind sensor calibration is perfect.

However, you have a Crr of 0.0010--this is extremely low, but I did not change it.
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Re: Aeropod data not consistent - velodrome environment - Blaine

Post by oleksiy » Thu Jul 04, 2019 4:33 pm

Speaking of Consistency. Today I had a strange CdA increase for about 5 min during my test ride, and then it went back to normal. Any idea why that could be?
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Re: Aeropod data not consistent - velodrome environment - Blaine

Post by Velocomp » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:45 pm

I looked at your ride file. The file you provided had been processed through Isaac. I used the "Analyze/Return to Original Download" command to see the data that was actually processed by your AeroPod.

The raw data shows that your AP was knocked out of position around minute 27. At minute 54, where CdA returns to normal, it was put back into the original position.

Make sure your AP cannot rotate on your mount.
John Hamann

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