Power too high? Part 1

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Power too high? Part 1

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I am currently riding two different bikes: A De Rosa road bike and a Planet X commuter bike (with mudguards, slightly more upright position and approx 2 kg. heavier).

I commute to work - in nice weather on the road bike and in not so nice weather on the commuter bike. The route is pretty flat and mainly in one direction.

I've done out&back callibration rides on both bikes and set tire size and weight in Isaac to match the bikes.

My latest FTP test (was on the road bike) showed a FTP of 234 watts.
Yesterday I noticed some rather high power numbers riding home on the commuter bike (at least compared to my FTP). I pushed hard at least for the last half of the ride - but not that hard from a subjective feel....

Should I tweak this or that profile further or do the numbers actually look plausible?

I've attached the two profiles and two rides - the one from yesterday and one from Nov. 8th.
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De Rosa King RS 25 Okt 2021 alloy rims.ibp
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