powerpod on second bike, out and back cal ride fail

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powerpod on second bike, out and back cal ride fail

Post by warbs » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:16 am


I successfully started the process to use my powerpod on my TT bike as a second bike. However when I got the place where I wanted to do the out and back, the battery in my speed/cadence sensor went flat!

Having replaced the battery now, I've spent some time today trying the get the powerpod into the same state again, this is what I've done:

from Isaac resent profile 2 (my TT bike), and then from isaac again set the "best accuracy" from the "setup device" menu, on both occasions I got the confirmation that the profile/settings had been sent to the device ok.

I've had the correct lights on the powerpod to show it's paired with the speed and cadence sensor, the same as in the video.

What's not happening though, is the correct lights for "ready for out and back cal ride". it's just a solid amber light.

I'd like to avoid riding for 10 minutes to do the cal ride, only to find it's not in the right mode, how can I be sure my powerpod is in the right state now or forcibly put it into the right state without touching profile 1?



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Re: powerpod on second bike, out and back cal ride fail

Post by Velocomp » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:40 am

Bad luck with your speed sensor battery!

Here is what is going on with PP:

1) You've set the O&B ride to best accuracy. This is correct

2) The instructions say that the light will go solid yellow. Yours is doing that

3) When you start riding, after about 10 seconds, the light will flash red/green. If you want to confirm this before going out for your ride, spin your speed sensor wheel for about 10 seconds; PP will start flashing red/green. Your PP is "armed" for the cal ride; when you click the button again, the cal ride will begin (flashing yellow)

4) If you do step 3) but are not ready to start your O&B ride immediately, you have two options: A. let PP go to sleep for 20 minutes; this will automatically set PP back to solid yellow; B. press-hold PP for about 4 seconds, until flashing red/green stops. Release the button immediately. The light will go out, and when you click the button again, light will be solid yellow-ready for O&B cal ride.
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