innacurate readings? TT setup without RWS

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innacurate readings? TT setup without RWS

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i've been using the Ibike newton for a while now, but i just changed my TT bike fitting and, as a result, the position of my aerobars was modifed.

i did a new cal ride but now my readings since higher than they should be... i am usually riding at what i feel is about 80%-85% but my readings show me at efforts of 240-260watts. this is also much different from what i see on my road bike with the stem mount. Also the readings seem to be much lower (and more realistic) when i am out of the aerobars and on the hoods. NOTE: i have noticed that when i download the ride the software realizes that something was wrong and adjusts it, but during the ride it keeps showing 240-260watts efforst that i think are not true. i am attaching my last long ride in case somebodyhas a minute to see it...

could this be the result of the tilt of the aerobars (where the TT mound is located)?, so far i have been riding without RWS because i dont use any tipe of hydration system in between the aerobars but i figured it might be worth to install it and get more accurate readings.. also, should i do a new cal ride now that i have a RWS?

i have uploaded two pics: one of the power meter without RWS (as i have been using it) and the second with the RWS (just installed it this morning and havent tried it out yet).
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