How do I get more efficient?

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How do I get more efficient?

Post by Etupes25 »

So, great! I can see the bike unnecessary movement, the lack of efficiency of the turning of the cranks.
I don't know what do to about it, though.
Does somebody has some advice on how to get better at this?
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Re: How do I get more efficient?

Post by Luis »

Looks like you haven't got much traction on your question. I am new to PowerPod and PowerStroke but I have spent a good part of my life doing data analysis. The file you uploaded is rather interesting. You have a lot of raw power. I tried to view sections of your ride. If Isaac shows the powerstroke for just the sections I highlighted your pedal stroke is remarkable constant.What is was hoping to do is to see how you were on uphill v. downhill. Side to side motion is often high on climbs, but it looked the same on the back side of the slope.

I was surprised at how round my pedaling is after I got the PowerPod. The forestroke of each foot is nearly in the green and one the upstroke as well with a little outside the green at the top. I am not bragging you have great power numbers.

My suggestion for you is to work on smoothing out your pedaling maybe do some high cadence drills on the flats on calm days if possible. Don't try to grind big gears but work the small gears. If you can spin a bit above 100 rpm smoothly shift to a higher gear keeping the same cadence. If your hips are bouncing you may have a fit problem or just saddle height.

I don't know how old you are. I am 68 and fit has to be just right. When younger I didn't worry about it much, but I would've been a better cyclist with proper fit. Now if the fit is off I may cripple myself.

Edit to add: Click <HELP> click <HELP DOCUMENTS> click <POWER STROKE INSTRUCTIONS> This will load a pdf document. The first half has to do with Newton. Scroll down to the sections on Power Stroke. This paragraph seems to confirm my analysis of your file.
Excessive wobbling, and what causes it
Most cyclists wobble far more than they need to. Excessive wobbling can be a result of improper bike fit, frame size/type, and pedaling style—either singly, or most often, in combination.
The GPS feature combined with GOOGLE maps might help as well in analyzing wasted watts.

Remember I am a novice at PowerPod and Stroke. But I am an old veteran cyclists. Good luck, pedal round and show them a clean set of wheels.

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Re: How do I get more efficient?

Post by Etupes25 »

Oh! Cool. I just checked this forum today after seeing not much answers. Thank you very much for your thoughtful response. It makes a lot of sense.

When I pedal in power zone 2, around 90rpm cadence, the right foot motion is fine, and the left part shows that I am "mashing" the pedal at the bottom of the stroke (at least this is what I understand).
I kind of fixed the power zone 2 left problem but focusing on a round balanced motion, "pulling" the knee higher up and throwing the foot forward as soon as I get on top.

However, when I am at high power on a climb, the mashing is back, and on both feet. I tried to pull the pedal back up a little bit, to drop the heel when pushing down. I get a more balanced results across right and left, but the profile is even wonkier, with sharp grey zones, and still 10-15 watts waste.

Is there hope to become more efficient at high power, low cadence (70rpm)?

BTW, I practiced increased cadence with no load in downhills. I am now able to spin at 115rpm without bouncing, which is great progress for me as I was bouncing all over at 95rpm a few weeks ago. So you are right this is something that one can work on easily.

Would you say the bouncing will call for lowering the saddle or the opposite?

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Re: How do I get more efficient?

Post by EHB »

I would like it if there was more detail about how the wasted energy is calculated.

For forwards/backwards oscillations you can calculate energy loss due to high peak velocities using standard formulas. How they calculate sideways energy losses I have no idea. There will be a bit of air being pushed slowly sideways and the tyre will be deformed a bit, but I can’t quite see.

And secondly, I’d like to know if the formula only applies to seated cycling. If you are stood there is a disconnect between movement of the ibike and movement of the centre of mass. I can’t see how it would work standing. I’d like to see how inefficient it recons Alberto Contador is when going up a hill…

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Re: How do I get more efficient?

Post by oxenhoper »

To help with my pedal stroke (a) i got a bike fit to sort out body position also cleat position was a big thing and (b) i used Trainerroad and their pedaling drills.. it was amazing to see the difference between mashing and a smooth kick and pull motion.

It's not perfect but i'm happy with what i have. Did a 130k ride with avg of 30kph and had a 5 watt wastage.

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