PowerStroke and GARMIN magnetless sensors..AGAIN!

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PowerStroke and GARMIN magnetless sensors..AGAIN!

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Hi might be one for the experts at Velocomp but here goes..

It's the same old question of where the Garmin internal cadence sensor wakes up / triggers. I have an old edge 705 so my setup is new inertial speed and cadence for PowerPod ( which I recently bought just for PP ) and the old GSC-10 combined speed/cadence to drive the edge 705 ( to keep speed accurate on the head unit).

I have bound the PP to the new sensors only and took the battery out of the GSC-10 when setting it up as I didn't want it picking up and experiencing the drop-out problems. I have bought the Powerstroke key but a buddy pointed out to me that it will only work with the inertial sensor if the sensor wakes up at the right spot. I mailed the tech support mail box and Tom replied with just set it to above the chainstay and go ride.

Is this really the case or do you have to leave the sensor parked where you want it trigger before it goes to sleep?

It occurred to me that Tom's answer would be right if velocomp have taken it into account the random trigger point with either firmware or the Isaac software as it should be fairly straightforward to work out top dead centre etc from the data coming back from the accelerometers in the PowerPod. Can anybody conform if this is the case and I don't have to worry about the wake up points?

If it won't work I can return the sensor to Amazon but I don't have much time. If itis the case that it won't work reliably has anybody had any experience using the new speed inertial speed sensors for speed ( to avoid the drop out issue ) and the GSC-10 for cadence only ( which uses a magnet ). Does this work or will the PP trigger from both sensors and mess up the speed measurement.

Cheers all


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Re: PowerStroke and GARMIN magnetless sensors..AGAIN!

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Your buddy is misinformed.

Set cadence sensor position to "above chain stay" and all will be well.

PowerStroke uses thousands of data points to compute its measurements, so the chain stay position is not critical.
John Hamann

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