It works so well - Let's spread the word

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It works so well - Let's spread the word

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I am so disappointed that the iBike Newton gets so much criticism in the market place. Although no expert with understanding Powerstroke data I made a change to my pedal stroke and have been learning to ride the rollers.

Powerstroke showed beautifully my new pedal stroke, I am still not doing it right but its a better shape now.

I can also see how much my riding is benefiting from riding rollers, I am now moving hardly at all at times.

I wish people were not so focused on accuracy, none of us are Bradley Wiggins so does a few percent here or there make a difference. At long as its close I am very happy and being able to see this data from Powerstroke is very helpful. Thank you

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Re: It works so well - Let's spread the word

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Thank you for your supportive thoughts!

The Newton is a rock-solid product and very innovative in its features. You're right that it can help you be a better cyclist, in ways that no other product in the world can...
John Hamann

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