ibike GPS+ stops reading/recording

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ibike GPS+ stops reading/recording

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Similar question:

I have the iBike GPS+ bike computer for iPhone 5, with iBike Coach on my iphone. I got the sensors to read the first day, but it will only record for maybe half a mile to a mile and a half, and then it just stops. The time stops, the distance stops, everything. It's not frozen, just not reading.

I am riding on two-lane blacktop that's not the smoothest, or concrete in the neighborhood that's in similar condition. Could the road conditions be causing it to stop reading? Also, GPS indicator is in the red for the most part, but MapMyRide records accurately throughout the entire ride (so far, 10 miles).

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: ibike GPS+ stops reading/recording

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If you stop the ride and re-start it, does it start working again? I'm trying to understand if it is a problem where you only can ever record the first mile or so on every ride, or if the sensors just stopped working all together.

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