inddor training FTP test with powerhouse

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inddor training FTP test with powerhouse

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Im using an Elite Chrono Fluid trainer, listed on Isaac software.
PP v2 ant/bt
Powerhouse app on my iPhone 7.
I set everything up. set it to indoor training mode and rode the 5 min ftp test then I did one of the 60 min fit rides (interval training?)
I was happy with the power readouts showing.
What I was worried about is the fact that I couldn't find my FTP data on my phone and neither one of the two rides were on the powerpod when IK re connected the PP to my laptop.
I think my FTP is about 240 on zwift calculations. (98kg 6'4" rider)
I re input my cycle data on to the PP for a ride today and ended up having to recalibrate it. I'm not sure I pressed the right button but did another O&B ride then straight into another 100k ride.

I was wondering if the PP is supposed to save data for indoor trainer mode or what. It's forecast rain for tomorrow so I'm planning on riding for a few house on the trainer tomorrow>

Any advice would be great.
Attached todays data just in case
Think the date on the file looks wrong so I'll be double checking on Isaac in a bit
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