PowerPod set up/ config

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PowerPod set up/ config

Post by .:Tim:. » Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:10 pm

I just unwrapped my powerpod LE, collected a couple of training rides, and am poking around at Isaac to make sure I have it configured/set up right.

a few quick questions:
1.) is the USB port on the back 100% waterproof? since it is bare/exposed, I'm a cautious about exposing it to light rain
2.) does the mounting angle play a major role in accuracy? I found it hard to tell if the bracket is level on the handlebars since the bracket grips very tightly and everything is at funny angles (e.g. headtube @ 73 degrees, stem at -7degrees, et c) I read the troubleshooting info about making sure the powerpod is set all the way forward on the bracket against the stop, et c.

I have routinely ridden with a DFPM for the past year (stages), and the numbers yesterday looked pretty spot on with what I am used to from the DFPM- power zones matched my HR zones, et c.
Today, I set out to Experiment with the powerpod and my bike with the DFPM, to see just how "out of balance" my pedaling may be- I'm aware I have asymmetric muscle development, and was curious how far off the "left leg x 2" numbers were. I attached a second mount to the other bike, conducted a cal ride, and a 2 hr ride, recording the DFPM numbers on my iphone (Strava). In short, today the numbers from the powerpod were significantly off- ~ 30-50 watts elevated vs the DFPM, and on average, 30-50 watts higher than yesterday. I figured the numbers might come back into cal as the ride went along (e.g. continuous tuning), but I didn't really notice this. All the holiday cookies I had for breakfast were worth a little power boost, but I don't think this makes sense.

Any thoughts on this? is mounting angle a potential issue? I made sure it isn't obstructed by any cables/housing...

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Re: PowerPod set up/ config

Post by eschlange » Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:00 pm

Did you ever hear back about weather the USB port is waterproof? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Re: PowerPod set up/ config

Post by Velocomp » Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:32 am

We are spending a fortune on the USB port...because it is indeed waterproof! That said, blow it dry after riding, and if it gets muddy, clean it out!
John Hamann

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