PowerPod Lite Observation

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PowerPod Lite Observation

Post by Kcblair » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:56 am

After 2 months of use, I thought I would pass along some observations. Overall, I’m very pleased and impressed, by the accuracy.

I started out, installing the PP on one bike, with the intention of moving it between 3 bikes. Well , that got to be a PITA . So I bought 2 more speed sensors, one for each bike. Much easier. These were not Garmin , Ant+, but some cheap Chinese Ant+ , off Ebay. But they worked, $17. A piece.

I have the PP Lite version (Garmin 130 Edge head unit ). But loading profiles,for each bike, was not an issue. I always prep my bikes the night before, as to which one will be ridden the next day. So after air tires, installing lights, etc, I park that bike next to my PC, connect PP and load the proper profile. Bike is now ready. (I do use 1 cadence sensor and move that between the bikes.)

After all calibrations rides were done and fine tuned, I decided to conduct a test. Found the instructions on GCN (Global Cycling Network). Bassically, you need to find a hill, of a known distance and elevation. Record your time and go to this website http://www.wolfgang-menn.de/, under Cycling/Hill Climbing and input some data and compare the calculated power to your PP. I performed 3 runs. First , PP 10% higher, 2n, PP was 1% lower and 3rd. PP was 3% higher. Toss out the higher reading, and call it close enough.

Now, not sure what to make of the power numbers, compared to my smart trainer. They seem to be close , maybe a little lower. But, the calibrations are within a few points, of each bike, when I compare the same routes and climbs . So my calibration rides are accurate.

For my use, the FTP and power figures I obtain, are just numbers, a starting point to improve on, but the numbers seem fairly accurate.

So, thank you Velocomp, for making an affordable power meter for us mortals.

Added: Oh, I performed a test, on a flat road , @ 20 mph, and got this result (1 bike only) 199 watts @ 20.5 mph.

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Re: PowerPod Lite Observation

Post by Velocomp » Mon Jun 24, 2019 1:10 am

Thank you for your comments!

Your test follows my "20/200" rule of thumb: to travel at 20 mph on a flat road requires 200W of power...so I think you're all set!
John Hamann

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