Phone calls and text messages stop tracking?

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Phone calls and text messages stop tracking?

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So I was out for an exercise ride last night, and our monitoring system at work detects some system failures. It sends me a dozen text messages, and the boss also rings at the same time.

My track shows that I did a hard left and "flew through the air" and then stopped recording completely. In the background on the phone I could see the speed number changing, so I thought it was working.

Here's the path - it stopped at the sharp corner in the middle.

Then on the way home, the ibike software was blank and not showing any details.

This morning I put the phone in the booth and it offered to continue the previous ride. I said Yes, and it appeared to work but wouldn't upload. So then I had to use Isaac to load the .ibd file and save a .csv which did upload okay. This produced the following output

I've got these versions:
App software 1.0.24
Acc Name: iBike
Acc Mfg: Velocomp LLP
Model #: iDashCYC
Hardware: 2.0.1
Firmware: 2.0.9

Should I go into flight mode / aeroplane mode before biking ?

I also notice that the app crashes whenever I pull the phone from the booth. This only started when I was forced to upgrade from IOS5 to IOS7 by work.
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