Trainer, Flywheel Acceleration

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Trainer, Flywheel Acceleration

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I'm using a lemond revolution as a 'dumb' trainer. It's a large flywheel that acts as a fan. I have a reasonable curve for the fan characteristics and except for ambient temp/pressure changes it feels / seems accurate relative to my performance on the road. What it lacks is any changes due to acceleration of the flywheel, so I get zero credit for sprints and ramping up. Is there a way to add a flywheel inertia value to the trainer in Isaac? Can this be calibrated with a spin down from the existing fan curve?
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Re: Trainer, Flywheel Acceleration

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In trainer mode PP responds only to speed levels.

You're correct that sprint surges (acceleration) require extra power but, at this time, the power spent during the acceleration is not measured in trainer mode.

Note that, if you sprint (let's say) going from 25 mph to 30 mph, PP will accurately record your power at 25 and 30 mph, but the power surge required to quickly change speed won't be as accurate.
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