Tire size

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Tire size

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A question - I ride an Elliptigo standup bike with 20x1.5 tire size. This doesn't come as a standard choice in Isaac. Is there a possibility of adding it to Isaac, how important is the tire-size? Does anyone have a sollution?

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Re: Tire size

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I answered your question yesterday in a private email to you, but perhaps you did not receive it.

Do the following:

1) mark a spot on your driveway. Position an identifiable mark of your bike wheel that has the speed sensor directly over the spot. Move your bike down your driveway one wheel turn, until the mark of your bike wheel is directly above the driveway. Make a mark on the driveway. Measure the distance between the marks, in millimeters. This is the wheel circumference.

2) Connect your PP to Isaac. Open Isaac and go to Edit/Edit Profiles

3) Select "Extract from Device". The active profile on your PP will now appear in the window.

4) In the dropdown menu for "Tire Sidewall Marking" select <Measured>

5) Enter the number you measured in step 1)

6) Click Send to Device

Your PP now has the correct tire circumference for your Elliptigo, and you can proceed to pairing and calibration.
John Hamann

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