Suggestions/requests to improve user friendliness

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Suggestions/requests to improve user friendliness

Post by BillOsler » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:39 pm

I run across a couple of situations in which Isaac's behavior strikes me as not terribly user friendly. I wonder if they could be on the "wish list" for future updates?
Sometimes I do not use Tracker when I ride. When those rides are transferred from my Newton or Aeropod Isaac does some sort of seemingly arbitrary "adjustment" of the starting date/time to match something that was previously recorded in Tracker. when that happens Isaac pops up a notice and the only option is to accept the "adjusted" date/time. Why isn't there an option to either tell Isaac to forget about Tracker for that file OR choose a different (and possibly no) tracker file? I don't know what method Isaac is using to make the "adjustments" but it does not appear to work very well. I can always revert to the original download later on ... if I remember which file(s) were affected ... but why not make it easier for the user?
If I am looking at a ride file and want to look at a different ride file I frequently receive a notice asking me if I really want to lose any changes I made ... even if I have not knowingly changed anything. The dialog box offers options along the line of "OK" or "Cancel". Why isn't there a 3rd option to go ahead and save the updated file instead of having to go back to the current file, save it and then open whatever the new file is?

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Re: Suggestions/requests to improve user friendliness

Post by Velocomp » Sun Dec 02, 2018 6:13 am

1) When you don't ride with Tracker, you'll get a pop up message asking you if you did not ride with Tracker. Check that alternative; it won't record. Or, you might get a pop up box saying the date/time don't match. If you did not ride with tracker, ignore the option to fix date/time

2) I agree with the "Yes" suggestion. It's on the list.
John Hamann

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