Powerpod & Garmin Edge 1000 settings.

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Powerpod & Garmin Edge 1000 settings.

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Apologies if this has been asked previously.

I'm a recreational rider not a racer but I'm trying to be more consistent in my power delivery on my rides.

We hear of Chris Froome watching his power meter to ensure he stays within certain zones and I've tried to do the same.

Please note any comparison between me and Chris Froome ends here.

I have power zones set up on my Garmin Edge 1000 and 1 second sampling and Powerpod set to dynamic sampling but when riding my power reading on the Garmin fluctuates rapidly even on a flat road with no wind even though my perceived power hasn't changed.

What are the best settings to use so endure that I get the most accurate and usable readings on my Garmin?

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Re: Powerpod & Garmin Edge 1000 settings.

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Please use Isaac to download a .ibr ride file. I will take a look
John Hamann

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