FPT on Zwift

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FPT on Zwift

Post by jazclrint » Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:54 pm

After years of using Gen III iSport, I have a Newton with all the bells and whistles. Well, minus the new body, but still. Now I can use my iBike with a trainer. And after having mild success finding a road long enough, flat enough, and void enough of traffic, I recently realized I can use a trainer for a very accurate ftp test. Yeah, took me a minute, or a year. But who's counting. Any, I have been looking into Zwift as one of the my club members is completely hooked. Doing my research I have discovered a few people on here have successfully used their iBike's with the site (but the iBike Newton is not listed on their insane list of PMs). I also discovered that Zwift has its own built in FTP test you can do.

So this makes me wonder, which is better: 1) Do the iBike's FTP test? If yes, will the Zwift site still receive the power numbers? Are there any features I miss out on by not doing Zwift's test? 2) Do Zwift's test. I have six bikes, 3 to 4 of which I am using regularly enough to keep the profiles in the iBike. How much of a PITA is it to reprogram all the profiles with the correct FTP (Newton 5)? Can I somehow do run the tests on the iBike and Zwift at the same time?

And over all how do you guys like Zwift? Is it worth $10/month?
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Re: FPT on Zwift

Post by Velocomp » Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:06 am

We've had others report success with using Zwift and Newton (set to indoor trainer mode).

I don't know how the Zwift FTP test works but I know how ours does, and I trust ours...

You can easily add your FTP to your Newton using the Edit Profiles window.
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