iSport to iPro upgrade instructions

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iSport to iPro upgrade instructions

Post by Velocomp » Fri Nov 21, 2008 11:14 am

If you own an iSport and want to upgrade it to an iPro, here's how to do it:

0) Purchase the optional iSport to iPro upgrade from the iBike Store. You'll receive a package containing a USB adapter and the iBike CD.
1) Insert the iBike CD into your Mac or PC
2) In the CD, open the correct folder for your computer: Mac Software or Windows Software
3) Inside the folder you’ve selected you will find instructions for installing your iBike 3 software (and if necessary, the USB driver software). Follow these instructions to install your iBike 3 software and drivers. Install the USB driver ONLY if you have never used iBike software before on your computer.
4) Attach the USB adapter to your computer and attach your iSport to your USB adapter. If you are using Windows you may have to follow the screen prompts to complete the installation of your USB drivers.
5) Press the center button of the iSport to turn it on.
6) Launch iBike 3.
7) Go to Device/Connect…in a few moments you’ll see the USB adapter appear in the “Com Port for iBike” menu.
8) In the “Connect to iBike” window click the “Get Serial Number” button. The serial number of your iSport will appear.
9) Copy and paste this serial number to an email addressed to The subject of the email should be “iSport upgrade”.
10) Once we receive your email we will send you an iSport to iPro upgrade key. It is a small file that you will upload to your iSport with the iBike 3 software.
11) Place the trainer key on your computer’s desktop.
12) Connect your USB adapter to your computer, your iSport to your USB adapter, turn on your iSport, and launch the iBike 3 software.
13) Go to Device/Unlock feature… Click the button that says “Send Unlock Key…” Navigate to your Desktop, select the trainer key, and click the “Open” button.
14) The key will be installed and your iSport will be upgraded to an iPro!
15) You can learn all about the features and usage of your iPro by using the “Help” menu of the iBike 3 software. Complete instruction manuals for your iPro and the iBike 3 software will be found in the Help menu.
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Re: iSport to iPro upgrade instructions

Post by coctavio » Mon May 16, 2011 7:21 pm

I receive a message Error 6004 occurred at 5 ibike command failures.

What i have to do? How do i Know that the upgrade was sucessful?

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