Calibration failed powerpod v3

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Calibration failed powerpod v3

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I just bought a powerpod v3. Was very excited.

I updated firmware, setup the powerpod and did like 10 calibration rides.
Always same result. After the power went up to 100 I get blinking red light. This means the calibration ride failed.

So tried different bike with different wahoo sensors. Did a hard reset and started the process again. Same result.

This is frustrating.

In this forum los_leo had the same problem but there was no answer bto his problem
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Re: Calibration failed powerpod v3

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I see that you have already made many emails to, and that Tom has responded to you promptly.

I'm not sure why you are additionally posting here.

You are welcome to post a ride file here but I highly doubt I can provide you more assistance, over and above what Tom has provided already.
John Hamann
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