How to test an eBike

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How to test an eBike

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eBikes move down the road as a result of the power applied both by the cyclist AND by the motor.

Yet another way to use a PowerPod/Newton is, in combination with a DFPM, to learn how eBike manufacturers program the motor responses of their particular models. Creating an eBike's "feel" is a bit like tuning a suspension in an automobile...

Here's how we measure the way an eBike is tuned: we attach one of our power meters (in this case, a Newton) to the handlebars of the eBike. Then, we replace one of the eBike pedals with a DFPM (in this case, an Assioma).

The Newton measures the total power produced by the pedals and the motor. The DFPM measures the power produced by the cyclist. The Newton records both power measurements.

We ride the eBike with the motor off, and calibrate the Newton so that Newton watts = DFPM watts.

Then, we test the eBike tuning by riding with the motor on. The difference between Newton power measurements and DFPM measurements is motor power. As you forum readers know, this difference is easy to display in the "Power Meter Comparison" window of Isaac.

With this setup we can easily characterize how an eBike's tuning is set...and see if there are any issues/opportunities.

We've tested some rear hub eBikes and some center motor models. Let's just say...for the eBikes we've tested so far, tuning perfection has not yet been achieved :-)
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