High readings

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High readings

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I've been using PPv3 for some time now on my road bike, and it was quite accurate, as I was able to compare its readings with Assioma Duo powermeter, so I'm very satisfied with its performance.
Recently, I got myself a new gravel bike, so I decided to create a new profile for it. Everything went well, and I was prompt to do a calibration ride. That is where strange things started to happen. I went for normal calibration routine (not O&B), since I have already done it for my road bike profile. After pairing with my sensors, there was constant yellow light, which should turn in to blinking as you start to ride the bike, and the power should rise from 0 to 100, after which the calibration process is complete. On this ride the power started to rise gradually to 100w, after which it returned to 50W, froze on that value for couple of minutes, and then started to rise again to 100W, and then displayed actual values which are, according to my estimate 30% too high.
Today, I decided to repeat the process, but this time with O&B procedure, everything went as it should, but my readings are still too high.
I'm enclosing ibr files from today's O&B cal ride, and test ride, and from one of my previous road bike rides which is accurate.
Gravel Bike_10_06_2020_1325_2_km_CalRide.ibr
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Gravel bike_10_06_2020_1331_8_km.ibr
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Road Bike_08_17_2020_0702_42_km.ibr
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Re: High readings

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Your rolling resistance (Crr) is way too high. Your setting is for riding through sand...

I've adjusted your gravel bike profile to a reasonable Crr (0.0082). Load this profile into your PP and all should be well.

Corrected ride file attached.
Gravel bike_Corr_10_06_2020_1331_8_km.ibr
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