Newton 5 => Newton 6 upgrade

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Newton 5 => Newton 6 upgrade

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I have a white Newton 5+ with some keys like Powerstroke, GT key. And I wonder whether to go for anewton 6. Not because of the rain, it does not hurt me, I never ride in rains (at least intentionally :-) ), but for the cross-winds. I have heard informally, that although N6 was not marketed as an improvement in crosswinds, there was a change in the case which improved the wind accuracy.

When google’d I could see some page on the old website of Ibikesports with a reference to the upgrade, but on the new velocomp website the upgrade was not listed as a product.

Is it the correct infornation? No longer it is possible to upgrade sending back his Newton 5 and getting a Newton 6?

If it is not the case, because the option is still alive, how much is the charge for it?
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Re: Newton 5 => Newton 6 upgrade

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If you want to upgrade you should trade in your Newton for an AeroPod. We have a 30% trade-in allowance.
John Hamann
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