Beta of route mapping feature

Beta of route mapping feature

Postby Velocomp » Thu May 16, 2013 7:52 am

In the latest version of the iBike app, we've added a first-crack at route mapping!

Here's how it works:

1. On your computer create your .gpx bike route from your favorite route program. I use bikeroutetoaster, but there are are a ton of programs available. Please share your favorites with all of us!
2. Use your Dropbox account on your computer (or create one; it's free)
3. Update your iBike app to the latest version available (1.0.21 or higher).
4. Fire up the iBike app, and go to the Options -> Advanced -> Dropbox Connection
3. Click the "Link Dropbox" button and follow the on-screen prompts to link the iBike app with your Dropbox. A checkmark will indicate success.
4. You will now find a new "Apps" folder in your computer's Dropbox, and an "iBike" folder inside the new Apps folder.
5. On your Mac or PC, copy your bike route .gpx files into your new "iBike" Dropbox folder, located inside the "Apps" folder. We recommend you name descriptively your bike route files; those same names will appear in the iBike app.
6. Next, go back to the iBike app. Touch the Options button. You'll find a new "Select Route" choice.
7. Click on "Select Route" and you will see the list of all .gpx files you have copied into your Dropbox "iBike" folder on your Mac or PC.
8. Select the route you want to use, and it will be downloaded to your phone. When downloaded, a checkmark will appear next to the route name.
9. Exit the options menu and scroll to a map view of press the "Map" button. Your route should be visible in red.
10. To remove a route from your Select Route list in the iBike app, simply delete the route from the "iBike" folder in Dropbox

NOTE, the map views always center around your current GPS position, so if you pick a route that is no where near your current location, you won't see the red "route line" on your map until you get into the vicinity of the route.

This is functional but basic, so please give us your ideas about how we can improve it to meet your needs!
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Re: Beta of route mapping feature

Postby bnightin » Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:03 pm

This is a fantastic feature, one I spent ages looking for on loads of software packages, before I found I already had it.

The worst thing about it is its hard to find!

I would suggest you publicize it much much more, so searches for follow route, gpx etc find it, you may sell a few more specifically for this feature.

Map visibility in sun light difficult ,option to change line colour & width would be good.

In the UK, use export using the gpx track option (not route!)

I also use it on my motorbike. :D
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Re: Beta of route mapping feature

Postby bnightin » Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:56 am

Used this again yesterday, in bright sunlight. The red line is fine to follow, however small roads are hard to see as they are a very similar colour to the background, so when turns are close, you may pick the wrong one.
Could you set background to black, to help visibility & save battery life - like night mode on sat nav.
I have seen option to recolor google maps..
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