Features and fixes

Features and fixes

Postby FelicianoVASA » Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:24 pm

Lets talk about some features that can add more potencial to ours devices.

Also I think we all need a guide for fix some troubles about Idash/Iphone. This can be a repository. Please comment.

For example, some Iphones just loose the GPS. I have just find out that is a baseband problem. If you have the 6.15, and if the processor permits that, you must downgrade the baseband, and voilá, GPS is working again.

A question:
-How can I have offline maps in the Ibike App?
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Re: Features and fixes

Postby sun » Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:08 am

1. Wind sensor weird sometimes. idash show wind speed about 5~9km/h even though the bike is stopped.
So I did a Zero Wind cal then wind speed show 0. But power(watts) wrong! too low...

2. HR Set Max HR? Fitness test avg HR?
Text is ambiguous, a correction is not made for several years.

3. When rider away from idash, HR connection lost sometimes(idash show HR 0).
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Re: Features and fixes

Postby FelicianoVASA » Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:07 pm

Adding more sugestions:
-Various languages menu (will increase interest outside english spoken countries, more market for Velocomp)
-Battery build in, inside Idash case.
-Cover screen plastic on top, perfectly water proof rather them inside, wich is glued. New design that permits open for repair of course. Top case when it rains is full of water...not good for selection. I think theres is a special plastic that is "condutive" and can be melted (fusion process) with another plastic types.

Software Ibike

-Adding a cursor for average velocity in the speedometer screen. When in Timetrial this can be very usefull.
-Map screen. Now there is a line with a previous track to follow. But a good improvement also in the future can be the virtual partner feature.
-Somethimes, home sreen and speedmeter show diferent distances. A fix to check out.

For now i do not remenber any suggestions to share. Meanwhile i can edit this post, if i "see" anything.

ps sorry for my english... :(
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