Tacx T1000 Antares Rollers

Tacx T1000 Antares Rollers

Postby JulianBoulter » Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:09 pm


Does anyone have a profile for Tacx T1000 Antares Rollers?

The Tacx T1000 Antares is really popular in Europe as it's a cheap but good product.

If we don't have a profile how would I go about making one? I don't own a DFPM as yet.

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Re: Tacx T1000 Antares Rollers

Postby yabriel » Thu May 14, 2015 8:59 am

If you can get the Power Chart for this trainer from manuf, you can do a polynomial 3rd grade graph and obtain all coefficient values to custom make your trainer power curve.
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Re: Tacx T1000 Antares Rollers

Postby usedtobefaster » Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:16 am

Using TrainerRoad's VirtualPower capability and my Tacx Anteras rollers I've done a couple of test runs to create power vs speed curves and then extract a regression curve (from MS Excel) from the data. So far I've only made 2 runs but the data points match up reasonably well (+/-2W in the majority of measurements) and the linear equations for the 2 runs are calculated as

run 1; y = 5.0401x - 25.442
run 2; y = 5.2979x - 34.482

where x is speed (I measured in kph) and y is power.

if you plot these equations you'll see they match reasonably well and cross around 32 kph, through observation I reckon the required curve is in between these 2 so using a simple average this gives

y = 5.169x - 29.962

Caveats regarding this data;

1) trying to maintain a stable speed on the rollers to take a power reading is easier said than done therefore I'd expect a +/-2W accuracy in the power data recorded during the tests
2) it's only 2 runs and not statistically significant
3) the data is for only 1 set of rollers, although I'd suspect that due to the simplicity of the design there would be little variation between sets of rollers.
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