Direct Drive Trainer Power

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Direct Drive Trainer Power

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I have several ride files from zwift from my Wahoo kickr power. I'm wondering if there's any ingenious ways to use those data files to get powerpod to match in similarity with power. I haven't taken the PowerPod for test spin yet, but I'd really love to know right off the bat it's consistent with my wahoo kickr data, and just wasn't sure if there's a way to use the data from those files to help build profile. I've entered FTP in the profile based on what I have in zwift, and am also wondering if that helps the PowerPod data converge towards power similar to wahoo kickr.

The only think I can think of off the top of my head is look at my most recent normalized power's and compare HR, then when I go on a ride with PowerPod, see what my normalized power and HR is with that and try to narrow in with profile mods if there are any huge discrepancies. Sorry, I don't even know if I'm going to see any discrepancies, just thinking in advance of my first ride with the PowerPod, because I'd like to get it as accurate as early as possible, since I do believe it will remain consistent once dialed in.
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Re: Direct Drive Trainer Power

Post by Megabit3000 »

You could use this thread to make a power curve for your Kickr:
The power curve to match is this one: ... evel-Mode-
As the text from Wahoo states, you should set the coefficients so they match the Level 2 curve.
The output should be comparable to whatever wattages the Kickr software shows you in Level 2 standalone mode.

The biggest caveat is that the above works with the Kickr in standalone mode, not connected to software controlling the trainer resistance. If you're riding uphill in Zwift at 12km/h on a 10% slope, the PowerPod will show the wattage needed to ride 12km/h on the flats because it doesn't know Zwift is having you ride up a slope by putting resistance on the trainer :-)
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