Comments on Bicycling Australia review

Comments on Bicycling Australia review

Postby rcmaps » Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:47 am

Page 99 of Bicycling Australia magazine reviews power meters including iBike Newton.

It was an overall positive review.

Some key comments by the author Michael Hanslip:-

"...I understand how the iBike Newton funcitons, but in the middle of a ride it really is like magic. All other power meters require replacing one part of your bike with the metered part (hub, cranks, pedals). The Newton just sits up there on the bars doing its thing. I am amazed!"


"...There are times when it may not be as accurate...I noticed near-zero wattage readouts, for example, during an exteremely windy ride when I know I was pushing hard on the pedals. This only occurred with specific wind angles...
...Based on my experience with several other power meters, the iBike's power figures are entirely believable most of the time."

Disccused about PowerStroke and Mobile wind tunnel

Concluding paragraph.

"The Newton is an intriguing device. It does not directly measure power production but it accurately calculates the opposing forces ... by seemingly magical means.
Once set up to do so, it can swap across as many as four bikes in only seconds, while adding in another bike is only slightly more involved. It offers several options that no other power meter can. It is light, relatively unobtrusive on the bars, fairly easy to use and comparatively inexpensive. I am impressed."
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Re: Bicycling Australia Mar/Apr 2014 reviews iBike Newton

Postby Velocomp » Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:37 pm

rcmaps wrote:
As a manufacturer, maybe you could email them for a pdf copy.

We have requested the author for a pdf copy of the review.

FYI: the author emailed us today. If I understand the email properly he has returned his other review power meters and has kept the Newton on his bike.

To me, anyhow, that is the best review possible.
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Re: Comments on Bicycling Australia review

Postby rcmaps » Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:09 am

Great to hear that you now have a copy of the article and that the author likes his Newton! :D
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