How do you use the advanced capabilities of Isaac + Velocomp

How do you use the advanced capabilities of Isaac + Velocomp

Postby VC-Phill » Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:30 am

Hi All

I'm Phillip Lucas, new Sales and Marketing guy at Velocomp.

The capabilities of the PowerPod and Newton to analyze riding behavior are immense. Id love to hear your input and learn from you.

These are the three directions I would really appreciate input, if you have had experience in doing this before:
- I am starting to work on setting up a baseline of files and datasets for evaluating drafting (what type of wind:wheel speed ratio is good?) and even what courses the braking energy loss dataset is useful for (crits, etc?).
- Im also working on methods to explain to new users how to use Powerstroke to its best ability, analyzing climbs and cruising separately, etc.
- As well as beginning to quantify inertial characteristics of fitting issues: overstretch, knee issues, lower back issues, cleat angle and leg length issues.

Here are my first few postings on these types of capabilities, feel free to chime in on them: ... k-articles ... k-articles

I am sure all of you are miles ahead of me in what you have been able to come to understand about your riding technique through the use of our products and Isaac desktop, and how you remedied these issues.

I'm all ears...

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Re: How do you use the advanced capabilities of Isaac + Velo

Postby EHB » Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:08 pm

Re: powerstroke

I've not looked at many of things you mention, but have you considered what happens to wobble as a cyclist nears FTP?

I have collected data on rollers (excludes many other factors) that shows I wobble more when I am near FTP than at endurance power zones. If you look at your own powerstroke data and select just threshold bits or 75% bits you will see it for yourself. You could automatically show this data on the powerstroke page without us having to manually do it.

TBH, now to see an improvement in powerstroke estimation I now only compare intervals at the same power zone. By not automating this correction I think you are weakening your product. I think this fits in with your point about cruising vs climbing?

As for removing powerstroke from rollers; I still maintain this is a big mistake. Rollers may prevent front/back movement mostly, but don't stop rotation or movement in other axis. On turbo trainers the back wheel is held fixed; it makes sense. On rollers I can't see the logic. Even in the forward-backward axis there is a (reduced) bit of movement with acceleration and other types of movement are still present. If anything there is less noise from things like potholes. Many people ride rollers with the principle purpose of improving their pedal stroke; are these not exactly the people you want to buy your powerstroke?? I actually think that decision is bonkers. Try it for yourself; ride some rollers and say powerstroke wouldn't be nice....

As regards fitting; one point I think is underrated is the potential for fit to change during a ride. I know I have more "ankling" at the start of a ride and so my effective leg length is greater early on. I'm not sure that where your sensor is placed allows you to look into all those issues you mention, but I know my wasted watts gets worse during a long ride despite many factors being held the same: I think there is potential for you to flag up when things go bad towards the end of a ride. Have you ever heard of a bike store doing a fitting on a deliberately fatigued rider? My experience is they always do it straight away: anyone can ride pretty if they are fresh, but many fewer after four hours in the saddle. You could point out if someone gets worse more than normal? It is not bike related, but I recorded myself running on a treadmill at a high FPS when I was knackered; I have a hip drop that isn't there when I'm fresh - there is a really dramatic difference and finding this out (accidentally) is what made me think of it.
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Re: How do you use the advanced capabilities of Isaac + Velo

Postby EHB » Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:15 pm

Ps. sent out an email a couple of weeks ago mentioning changes to the ANT Power profile; it now allows higher frequency updates of power as an option in the power-meter profile. Most power meters can't do this, as their firmware is not updateable; you are at an advantage with your already existing hardware.
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