Fitness Test on Rollers or Stationary Trainer

Fitness Test on Rollers or Stationary Trainer

Postby babyboomer » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:33 pm

Is it okay to perform the fitness test on my rollers?
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Re: Fitness Test on Rollers or Stationary Trainer

Postby Velocomp » Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:44 pm

Yes, as long as you do your subsequent workouts on your rollers. Fitness Test results won't likely be compatible with outdoor ride conditions.
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Re: Fitness Test on Rollers or Stationary Trainer

Postby Russ » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:08 pm

Things are so slow on the forum, thought I would add this post!

I am a fitness rider, 66 years old and less motivated for speed since I had a class 3 AC shoulder separation from hitting a dog Nov, 07. That was BPM (before power meter) and I used to average 19+ mph on some 30 mile solo rides. Not anymore :-)

Well, Last year near this time I did a fitness test on my trainer due to weather and whatever else possessed me. My FTP, don't laugh, was 197 watts on the Kurt Kinetics Road Machine, using iBike stock values for that trainer.

My best 30 mile solo this year, probably with favorable wind was 18.1mph and I was real fresh, it was the only one that hit 18 and only a few that came in above 17. These were with my Cannondale R700Si road bike. I am also now riding my cross bike with slower tires but that make for a nicer workout in colder weather :-) I do think part of my being slower is less motivation but that seems to be returning somewhat, we shall see.

No other fitness tests in until now.

The last few months I have been more seriously mixing in intervals. My FTP test on same trainer came to 207 watts, up 10 in one year.

The disappointing thing was WKO+ dropped my CTL by 8 points :-)

Cool thing about the trainer test (maybe) is that it might be reasonable to extrapolate a few more watts for a road value :-)

Anyway, weather permitting, I plan to haul my bike closer to the mountains, I live in Hanover County, VA, and start some longer hill climbs on occasion. Will see if I can hold 207 watts or so for the climbs.

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