wireless failure, alive again

wireless failure, alive again

Postby donnybike » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:44 am

A couple of months ago, my wireless iBike pronounced dead due to wireless failure.
At that time, I had tried a variety of methods to make it work, such as changing betteries for sensors, hard resetting them, even putting a small piece of electric tape on the cover of the sensors, and checking the distance between the sensor and magnet. Nothing worked!

So I gave up and have been used wired sensors instead.

On the other day, I was spinning second bike on the indoor trainer which wired sensors are installed. Suddenly, the speed sensor failed. I was embarrassed to have a failure even with wired one. A few minutes later, I figured the problem out.
The failure was caused by the weaker magnet! Probably, the magnet was sitting there for more than well over 5 years. I guess it looses its magnetic strength over time!

This event makes me pay attention to the wireless sensors again. Today I reinstalled wireless system on the bike. Of cause, new magnets are installed.
Now iBike detects all the three sensors. I am happy again!^^

So if you are a long time user of iBike and you experience unexpected wireless failure all of sudden, please try to replace the magnets. (For most of us, replacing magnet may be the last step to try or even skip it because you have to pay an inconvenient visit to local bike shop to get it.)
It may work for you!

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