Cadence trouble with PowerPod

Cadence trouble with PowerPod

Postby Musiker » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:03 pm

I'm having trouble with my cadence readings after I purchased a new Edge 520 which included the new separate speed and cadence sensors (prior i used the combo one without problems).
What I'm experiencing now is that often it seems like the cadence is not received by the powerpod because my Watt drops to zero for longer time and I KNOW I'm putting out some watts. to make sure it was not the speed sensor I mounted it on my front wheel. In the ride files I can also see the cadence missing from the ride file. It seems to be getting worse?
The Garmin show the correct cadence for the entire time and PP and garmin are mounted right on top of each other (outfront mount)..
I could go back to the old combo sensor, but I like not having the magnets and the sensors work well with the Edge...
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