Newton Instructions, FW 5.1x

Newton Instructions, FW 5.1x

Postby Velocomp » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:03 am

Updated March, 2017

These instructions and release notes are for use ONLY with Newtons having FW 5.x installed. To upgrade older Newtons (FW 4 or older) to FW 5 requires purchase of a FW 5 upgrade key, available here: ... pgrade-key

NOTE: There is a new "Hard Reset" procedure for Newtons manufactured after 2/16/15.

1) Newtons manufactured 2012-Jan 2015: Simultaneously press-hold the left, bottom, right, and center buttons. The screen goes blank. Release the buttons and the Newton will reboot.

2) Newtons manufactured Feb 2015 or after: Press-hold the center button continuously for about 8 seconds, until the screen goes blank. Release the center button to reboot.

If you’re not sure when your Newton was manufactured, try 1). If that doesn’t work then try 2). One or the other will reset your Newton!
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